My Open Journal

I hear in blogs that you are supposed to have topics to talk about, a general theme perhaps. I decided that I’m going to try that, and categorize those posts accordingly. I also thought that it would be a good idea to practice some “stream of consciousness” journaling. I have challenged myself to start writing, and not stop for a certain amount of time. Today it’s five minutes. It’s interesting to write everything that I’m thinking about down, and look back at it later. Some people do this and just write down words, phrases, or incomplete sentences. I seem to always do this exercise in a complete sentence narrative, likely due to my slightly perfectionistic personality. Right now Cormac is crawling around the living room and trying to climb on everything. Maybe this is not currently the best time to do one of these exercises, as he seems to constantly get himself in to trouble during this. Too late now :). I figure five minutes out of my day, maybe that’s enough to really jumpstart some real journaling. We’ll see how it goes. To be continued…

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